Bishkek — summer 2015

Alphabetical listing

A smell I could live without
All students have arrived
Amusing Australian overview of Kyrgyzstan
Anti-gay Crashers Charged with Hooliganism in Kyrgyzstan
Anti-terrorist operation in Bishkek
Around town
Baggage found!
Barskaun and Aalam Ordo
Budapest, day 1
Cold lunch on a hot day
Copying Russia, Kyrgyzstan moves to brand some NGOs 'foreign agents'
Culinary tour
Damned jet lag...
Day 1
Day 10: classes, curricular comments, curious cuisine
Day 11: on not practicing medicine, part 2
Day 12: on not practicing medicine part 3
Day 13: language coaches, cooking and crafts
Day 14: classes as usual, illness
Day 15: smooth sailing, bedbug bites
Day 16: no news
Day 17: Wi-fi pirate!
Day 18: communication coaches, crafts class, flakey family
Day 19: classes, Ramadan, the maturation of thought
Day 2
Day 20: classes, cuts, colors, and definite disinterest
Day 21: grades, novices, politics, director and next summer
Day 22: classes, water pressure
Day 23: excursion to the hills and to the doctor
Day 24: classes and games
Day 25: classes, Kathleen
Day 26: classes
Day 27: classes, medical stuff
Day 28: tutors,Chunkurchak
Day 29: classes and a class observation
Day 30: classes as usual
Day 31: classes, professional doctor's treatment, amateur self treatment
Day 32: classes, California and cravings for capsaicin
Day 33: tutors, treatments, testing, talk with the Ambassador, and one really odd conversation
Day 34: classes and scheduling
Day 35: cranky old man mode
Day 36: desires for home
Day 37: classes and corneas
Day 38: classes, copies, connections
Day 39: classes, interviews
Day 3: embassy, language coaches, cooking
Day 40: cool
Day 40: joy
Day 4: classes, lost luggage
Day 5: classes, confusion, concern, cupidity
Day 6: bazaar, bank, bugs, criticism and curds
Day 6: classes, classicisms and copies
Day 7: blackmail
Day 7: classes, quietness, clarity
Day 7: time phrases
Day 7: visit to the Ambassador's home
Day 8: language coaches, events
Day 9: classes, cautionary contacts, subsonic sussurations
Dinner, new acquaintances
Doubled street names
Emergencies Ministry: Kyrgyzstan may be hit by devastating earthquake
Environmental damage from old nuclear processing
Even more about income
Few pretty pictures
Finding meaning: chapters 1 and 2
Finding meaning: chapters 3 and 4
Five Years on, Has Kyrgyzstan’s Democratic Revolution Put Down Roots?
Flash farts
Glaciers and gold
Gosh but I'm quiet here
Grafitti of Bishkek
Groceries, this and that
Horseback riding, yurt building
Hot night
How to motivate your workout in Bishkek
Hungarian language prep
Hungarian language, cursing
Hungarian language, day 1
Hungarian language, day 3
Hungarian language, gay related
Hungarian language, hundreds
Hungarian language, indefinite vs. definite conjugation
Hungarian language, numbers 1-10
Hungarian language, numbers 20-90
Hungarian language, random stuff
Hungarian language, T-V distinction
Hungarian language, to/from/at
Hungarian language, verb 'come'
Hungarian language, verb 'go'
Hungarian language, verb ‘know’
Hungarian language, verb ‘to speak’
Hungarian language, verb ‘would like’
Hungarian language, weirdness with 1st and 2nd person pronouns
Hungarian language, ‘cost’
Hungarian language: What is your name?
Hungarian racism
Hungary Signals Further Easing After Cutting Rate to Record
Hungary vs. Italy
Hungary’s Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Réka Szemerkényi?
Internet connection
Is the ISIS Threat in Kyrgyzstan Real?
Is the water good to drink in Bishkek?
It's so easy to be cynical
It’s Getting Ugly in Hungary
Jet lag and latitude
Kumtor gold mine issues
Kyrgyz assimilation of Russian words
Kyrgyz energy crisis
Kyrgyz food
Kyrgyz prime minister resigns
Kyrgyz visa has arrived
Kyrgyz visa, step 1
Kyrgyz visa, step 2
Kyrgyz visa, step 3
Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan: Are Health Donors Bailing Because of Rampant Graft?
Kyrgyzstan (Finally) Joins the Eurasian Economic Union
Kyrgyzstan approves new PM to tackle gold dispute with Canadian firm
Kyrgyzstan Bans IS, Designates It As Terror Group
Kyrgyzstan becomes fifth member of Russia-backed economic bloc
Kyrgyzstan Cancels Cooperation Treaty With US
Kyrgyzstan cuts 2015 growth outlook
Kyrgyzstan Joins Eurasian Economic Union
Kyrgyzstan Joins Eurasian Union, Takes Leap Into the Dark
Kyrgyzstan Sees Rise in Child Brides
Kyrgyzstan strives to make inroads on poor maternal health record
Kyrgyzstan Testing Clerics’ Knowledge of Islam
Kyrgyzstan's central bank cuts main interest rate to 9.5 pct
Kyrgyzstan's favorite commercial fermented beverage
Kyrgyzstan's Ruling Coalition Nominates Sariev As New Prime Minister
Kyrgyzstan: Islamic Kindergartens Fill Growing Demand
Kyrgyzstan: ‘Foreign Agents’ Bill Violates Rights
Kyrgyzstan’s Otherworldly Cities of the Dead
Kyrgyzstan’s Security Agents Intimidating Uzbek Minority, Activists Say
Lamination: the six-case sheet lives on
Leading Paper Says It's Fighting President for Survival
Leg 1: Phoenix to Atlanta
Leg 2: Atlanta to Amsterdam
Leg 3: Amsterdam to Budapest
Leg 4: Budapest to Istanbul
Leg 5: Istanbul to Bishkek
Life in Kyrgyzstan’s Army Really Sucks
Life's kinda
Local cultural differences: how to tell the taxi driver where to go
Lunch #2 with the director of the school
Lunch with the director of the school
Marvelous moments
More about income
More follow-up on anti-terrorist operation
Multiculturalism doesn't work in Hungary, says Orban
My apartment
My apartment in Bishkek
My favorite coffee place
New names
New passport forms processed
New words in Russian
No cold water
No Kazan
On not practicing medicine
One last time: the recent police action
Our program
Overall impressions of Budapest
Passport in progress
Phone numbers in KG
Poetry speaks
Poroshenko appoints ambassador to Kyrgyzstan
Preparation for horse-back riding
Priorities, priorities
Proposed anti-gay law
Random bits of Bishkek life
Real sleep
Russian cell phone in Budapest
Russian Firm Wins Rights to Disputed Gold Field
Russian in Central Asia
Russian pick-up lines
Russian troops, tanks, artillery and air defense invade Ukraine
Saturday: Stalin's revenge
Saturday: the way to Talas
SCO Special Forces Train At U.S.-Funded Base In Kyrgyzstan
Sheer panic: visa stolen
Skype bandwidth
Starting to think about summer
Stolen laptop
Stomach ache
Sunday: home stay in Talas, Manas Ordo, and the trip back to Bishkek
That's a different way to say it
The frustrations of trying to learn Kyrgyz as a Russian
The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse
The languages of Kyrgyzstan
The Pimsleur audio Hungarian course: a review
The road to Barbulak
Thinking about income
Tickets purchased
Too amusing not to be shared: Kyrgyz sex school
Transit time
Two revolutions
US journalist deported from Kyrgyzstan after interrogation
Walkabout 2
Water, washing, weariness
Welcome bag
What a contrast
Where to work out in Bishkek?
Work never ends
World factbook article on KY
Worry about the Russian economy
You know you're Hungarian when...
‘Orbanomics’ confounds critics as Hungary’s economy recovers
“I love the dark hours of my being” by Rilke

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