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«У меня есть» or «я имею»?

February 2nd, 2010 — posted by Don
Previously we discussed how the «у меня есть» construction can be equivalent to a I have construction, and we also discussed иметь, which means “to own, possess.” But if you look up иметь in some dictionaries, sometimes you will find something like… more »


January 21st, 2010 — posted by Don
The primary meaning of the verb иметь is “to own, possess.” It's a fairly straightforward first conjugation verb: to own, possess Imperfective Infinitive иметь Past имел имела имело имели Present имею имеешь имеет имеем имеете… more »

Быть (not have, there is/are not)

April 24th, 2009 — posted by Don
Every once in a while when you have mastered some grammatical backflip, you discover that one is not enough: you have to do a grammatical double gainer. This is the case to say that someone “doesn't have” something or that “there isn't” something… more »

Быть (have, there is/are)

April 23rd, 2009 — posted by Don
Every once in a while when you are studying a foreign language, you have to learn to do some grammatical contortion and say something in a way that seems bizarre in contrast to your native language. For us English speakers, learning how to say “have”… more »