Verbs of locomotion

to goходитьидтипойти
to go (veh.)ездитьехатьпоехать
to runбегатьбежатьпобежать
to flyлетатьлететьполететь
to swim/sailплаватьплытьпоплыть
to leadводитьвестиповести
to carryноситьнестипонести
to carry (veh.)возитьвезтиповезти
to go slowlyбродитьбрестипобрести
to climbлазать or лазитьлезтьполезть
to crawlползатьползтипоползти
to carry with significant effortтаскатьтащитьпотащить
to herdгонятьгнатьпогнать
to roll (trans.)кататькатитьпокатить
to roll (intrans.)кататьсякатитьсяпокатиться

I label these the verbs of locomotion because they drive us Americans crazy.

Okay, that's not the real reason. A retired professor of Russian, Sanford Couch, put together a set of textual materials back in the seventies in which he referred to these verbs as the “verbs of locomotion.” These are not the only verbs of motion in Russian, but they are the only ones that we sometimes teach as verb triplets instead of verb pairs. It is sensible to have a phrase that unambiguously identifies this specific set of verbs; I suggest Prof. Couch's phrase fills the bill admirably.

Rev. February 12, 2014