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March 10th, 2011 — posted by Don
The most common word for shirt in Russian in рубашка. It declines like this: SgPl Nomрубашкарубашки Accрубашку Genрубашкирубашек Preрубашкерубашках Datрубашкам Insрубашкойрубашками When talking about shirts, one often discusses colors, styles,… more »


December 22nd, 2010 — posted by Bella
Nobody likes chores. And everyone has that one chore they despise above all others. I would rather be tied to a chair and forced to watch reruns of “Barney and Friends” than iron clothing. Thank goodness I live in the century of electric dryers. The… more »

Туфли (часть вторая)

June 23rd, 2010 — posted by Don
One of the Russian words for shoe is туфля. Note the genitive plural: SgPl Nomтуфлятуфли Accтуфлю Genтуфлитуфель Preтуфлетуфлях Datтуфлям Insтуфлейтуфлями The word is mostly used in the plural: Где мои туфли? Where are my shoes? После… more »

Блузка, кофта

May 24th, 2010 — posted by Don
The most common words for blouse in Russian are кофта and блузка. The former is a perfectly second-declension noun, and the latter is affected by a spelling rule and has a fill vowel in the genitive plural: SgPl Nomблузкаблузки Accблузку… more »


May 21st, 2010 — posted by Tatiana
My grandmother used to have a big box of jewelry. It was always carefully placed on the second shelf of her armoire. When I was little, I loved playing with it, pretending I was an exotic princess. I have no idea why my grandmother trusted me with… more »