Translating humor, part II

by Don  

Among the April 1st offerings on Facebook this morning is a picture from Баба і кіт that made me laugh out. Let's have a little translation contest.

  1. Read over Natasha's entry on крыса my entry on Translating humor, part I. (They are the two entries before this one.
  2. Come up with an English translation for the the two sentences above the picture that captures the humor of the picture.
  3. At the end of April I will make a completely subjective decision about which one I like best and send the author ten bucks as a reward.

Here's the picture.


Comment from: Marc [Visitor]

After the integration of Dombass in the Russian federation a new state was created: Dombassia.
The citizens are now called “dumbasses”

It’s the next step after all :p

05/31/14 @ 04:19
Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

Hm, this was tougher than I thought it would be.

“After the welcoming home of Crimea by Russia a new state arose - Ratropolis.
The citizens will be known as ’squealers’…”

Any critiques more than welcome!

04/30/14 @ 18:18

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