От (часть вторая)

by Don  

The preposition от often means ‘from’ in the sense of ‘due to a negative cause’, and it is always used with the genitive case.

Он умер от инфаркта. He died of a heart attack.
Франция страдает от штормов и наводнений. (source) France is suffering from storms and floods.
Не могу спать от тревоги. I can't sleep due to anxiety.
Дима Билан чуть не потерял зрение от яркого света софитов. (story) Dima Bilan nearly lost his vision because of the bright floodlights.

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Comment from: Andrey [Visitor]

Another good example:

- От чего он умер?
- Читай на венках. “От любящей жены", “От друзей", “От детей", “От соседей", “От профкома"…

06/21/11 @ 01:11

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