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Можно is a great Russian word that means “it is allowed”. In that sense it is always complemented by an imperfective verb:

В ресторанах в Аризоне можно есть и пить, но нельзя курить. In Arizona one can eat or drink in restaurants, but one is not allowed to smoke.
— В купе можно есть?
— Конечно, можно и курить, если хочешь.
“Is eating allowed in the train compartment?”
“Of course, smoking is allowed as well, if you want.”

If you want to specify that a particular person is allowed to do something, then the person appears in the dative case:

Вере можно есть сладкое, а Анне нет. Vera is allowed to eat sweets, but Anna isn't.
В русских кинотеатрах зрителям можно пить спиртное. In Russian movie theaters spectators can drink alcohol.
Рабочим можно носить джинсы на работе? Are employees allowed to wear jeans at work?
В этом соборе туристам можно фотографировать. Tourists are allowed to take photos in this cathedral.

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