С — часть вторая (with)

by Don  

We mentioned the other day that the preposition "с" + the instrumental case means "with." There is another context where it means "with," but we don't translate it as "with," and that is when two nouns are joined together as the subject (or object) of a sentence. In these contexts we must translate "с" as "and." For example:

Глеб с Анной издевались над иностранцами. Gleb and Anna taunted the foreigners.
Милиционер остановил Петю с Андрюшей и попросил документы. The policeman stopped Pyotr and Andrei and asked for their identification.
Мама дала Вере с Таней изюм. Mama gave some raisins to Vera and Tanya.
Моя сестра постоянно болтает об Анжелине с Брэдом. My sister constantly chatters about Angelina and Brad.

In this context translating "с" as "with" sounds terrible in English and is a grammatical error.

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Comment from: gamelton [Visitor]  

I’ve noticed a couple of inaccuracies:

“Милиционер остановил Пашу с Андрюшей…”
The policeman stopped PASHA (not Pytor) and Andrei.”

“Моя сестра постоянно болтает об Анжелине с Брэдом.”
“My sister constantly chatters about Angelina and Brad.”

This sentence has two meanings - the first you translated correctly and the second, which I’d rephrase as “Моя сестра постоянно болтает с Брэдом об Анжелине.” to sound more clear. This time it means “My sister constantly chatters with Brad about Angelina.”

Anyway, I like you blog - keep writing!

Don responds: Thanks! The text has been corrected. This is the second time in the blog I have thought “Petya” and written “Pasha.”

08/05/10 @ 02:40

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