by Tatiana  

I don’t like most horror movies. There is always a naïve dummy being led into the hands of an evil master, who is driven by his utter insanity or various psychological issues. All this blood spill doesn’t do anything for me except for giving me an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Personally, I prefer suspense. I like that little chill and goose bumps you get when thinking “Can this really be possible?”

In Russian the goose bumps are called «гусиная кожа» “goose skin.” However, a more folksy word is мурашки.

The reason мурашки is used to describe this feeling is because this is also a word for ants or other little insects. Therefore, «мурашки по коже побежали», “ants ran on the skin” is probably one of the most used expressions to describe goose bumps along with the feeling causing them. (Insects running on your skin… mmmagical feeling… :no: Gross!)

Я люблю читать, сидя у большого дуба у реки. Только вот там очень много всяких мурашек и букашек бегает... I like reading next to a big oak tree over by the river. Too bad there are a lot of ants and other bugs there…

I am not sure what the context should be but I suppose you one could talk about a singular goose bump, мурашка, even though it is usually seen in its plural form. However, мурашка can definitely be used when talking about an ant.

Just like in English, you can get мурашки from being cold or overcome by feelings, either positive or negative.

Когда я слушаю музыку Моцарта, у меня аж мурашки по коже! When I listen to Mozart’s music, I get goose bumps!
— Тебе Коля рассказывал, как он по темноте домой вчера возвращался?
— Да, страшно так, у меня муражки по коже пробежали!
“Did Kolya tell you how he was getting home in the dark yesterday?"
“Yes, so scary, I even got the goose bumps!”
Какая ужасная история! У меня мурашки выступили! What a horrible story! I got goose bumps!
Тебе не холодно? Смотри, ты вся в мурашках! Are you cold? Look, you are all covered in goose bumps!
Когда меня начальник к себе вызвал, у меня муражки по спине пробежали: думала, уволит! When my boss called me in to see him, I got goose bumps: I thought he was going to fire me!


Comment from: MMM [Visitor]  

“Только вот там очень много всяких мурашек и букашек бегает…”
Первый раз вижу, чтобы мурашками называли, судя по переводу, муравьёв, да и вообще, что-то, относящееся к реальным членистоногим.

02/07/14 @ 05:07
Comment from: meathive [Visitor]

Great word, keep ‘em coming.

05/07/10 @ 12:48

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