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The word ботаник means botanist. It declines perfectly regularly, assuming of course you know the seven-letter spelling rule:


A ботаник is a person who studies ботаника botany. (Note that the nominative singular ботаника ‘botany’ is written the same way as the accusative/genitive singular of ботаник ‘botanist.’) The definition of ботаник on ru.wikitionary.org runs something like this:

Ботаник — человек, имеющий образование в области ботаники или профессионально занимающийся этой наукой. A botanist is a person educated in the field of botany or one who is a professional in that science.

Some botanists have extraordinary lives:

Мой дядя — ботаник, который специализируется по растительности амазонских джунглей. Он ползает по лесам, собирая образцы и стараясь избегать внимания местных людоедов. My uncle is a botanist who specializes in the vegetation of the Amazonian jungles. He crawls around the forests gathering samples and trying to avoid the attention of the local cannibals.

That, however, is not the image associated with the word in Russian pop culture. There a ботаник is someone who is involved in completely uninteresting and testosterone-deficient activities, in other words a geek or a nerd:

— Лен, мне очень понравился твой Саша. Какой он красавец!
— Ты шутишь? Он полнейший ботаник, всё время дома сидит, перелистывая энциклопедию. Как только вернётся Паша, я Сашку наверно брошу.
“Lena, I really liked your boyfriend, Alexandr. He's a real stud!”
“Are you kidding? He's a complete geek. He just stays at home all the time, leafing through the encylopedia. As soon as Pavel gets back, I'm probably going to dump Aleksandr.”


Comment from: Valentine [Visitor]

ботаник(rude)=задрОт=ебанькО=чмЫрь=лошАра=очкАрик=мудАк=мудИла с нИжнего ТагИла

03/12/11 @ 03:00
Comment from: Andrey [Visitor]

Well, it seems that the use of ботаник in sense of a nerd becomes obsolete. The word гик is often used in that sense by younger people and ботаник is used by older people.

Plus we have a somewhat rude word задрот, which is certainly offensive while гик is not.

02/17/10 @ 02:44

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