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Злой is an adjective that beginners trip over for several reasons. First off, it is so short that it looks funny and they can't really believe that it's not longer:

Masc Neut Fem Pl
Nom злой злое злая злые
Acc * злую *
Gen злого злой злых
Pre злом
Dat злому злым
Ins злым злыми

Short forms Comparative
Masc зол злее
Fem зла
Neut зло
Pl злы

Very often beginners memorize the word as meaning “wicked.” That's true as far as it goes:

Сталин был злым диктатором. Stalin was an evil dictator.

However the word very often just means “mean” or “angry”:

Не старайся погладить нашу кошку. Она очень злая и сразу укусит тебя. Don't try to pet our cat. She's really mean and will bite you without warning.
Вчера отбуксировали мою машину из парковки. Какой я был злой! Yesterday they towed my car from the parking lot. I was so angry!

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