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Comment from: susan [Visitor]

Ё-моё! now I know what the young Chekov was saying in the newest Star Trek movie!

09/10/09 @ 21:51
Comment from: Laurie [Visitor]

From what I understand (according to my Russian teacher in Moscow), there was actually a law passed in Moscow a few years ago that required everybody to use the two dots when printing ё in a book/newspaper/whatever, but nobody really paid any attention.

This led to me, under my teacher’s careful tutelage, writing a very snarky Russian-style letter of complaint to a newspaper editor.. I wish I still had it with me, it’s with all my papers at home.

Don responds: I recall that several years ago the Duma made obligatory the use of the double dots over ё in all documents produced by that body. Whether they actually followed through with that, I have no idea.

09/01/09 @ 10:43