Бросать/бросить (часть третья)

by Don  

Although the most basic meaning of бросать/бросить is “to throw,” the word also can mean “to abandon/leave (someone).” The person who is abandoned appears in the accusative case:

Даже если рухнет мир, я тебя не брошу. Even if the world collapses, I won't leave you.
Не понимаю, почему моя подруга бросила меня. I don't understand why my girlfriend left me.
Мэл Гибсон бросил жену из-за русской певицы. (source) Mel Gibson left his wife because of a Russian singer.
Немецкая пара бросила троих малолетних детей в итальянской пиццерии. (source) A German couple abandoned three young children in an Italian pizzeria.

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Comment from: Jeff [Visitor]  

I saw this usage of “Бросать/бросить” in the online news “RU,” about a terrorist who was interviewed in Syria. He had left his family in Novosirrisk to join those fighting against the Syrian government.

I was fascinated to tsee the word “бросил” used in this way.

How can I receive the “Russian Word of the Day’ daily?

Don responds: The software we use does not have a daily e-mail option, so just keep checking back when you can via a browser or RSS/ATOM feed. For Fall 2013 I hope to have at least two new entries a week.

08/22/13 @ 08:46

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