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The word обувь means footware: shoes, boots, waders… anything that protects your feet from damage or helps you walk. It's a feminine third declension noun with both plural and singular forms, although you almost never encounter plurals. It works mostly as a mass noun. Here's how it declines:


Instead of talking abouts men's shoes or women's shoes, the Russians discuss men's footware and women's footware. And of course there are always the styles of clothes to discuss.

На таких акциях итальянскую одежду и обувь можно купить со скидкой. (source) At these auctions you can buy Italian clothing and footware at a discount.
Фирма RU предлагает распродажу одежды и обуви с хорошей скидкой. (source) The RU company sells clothing and footware at a good discount.
С хорошей обувью можно прожить зиму в Сибири нормально. You can make it through a Siberian winter okay if you have decent footware.
В Африке большинство людей обходятся без обуви. The majority of people in Africa get by without footware.

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