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February 26th, 2014 — posted by Natasha
The Russian word 'колокол' means 'bell'. It is a noun that is first syllable stressed in the singular. In the plural form of the word the grammatical ending is stressed: SgPl Nomкoлоколколокола Accколоколколокола Genколоколаколоколов… more »


April 16th, 2009 — posted by Don
I have never had a conversation in Russia about Scottish music, so I have never actually heard a Russian use the Russian word for bagpipe, which is волынка. Imagine my surprise when I came across a Russian website dedicated to bagpipes. The only thing… more »


October 30th, 2008 — posted by Olga
The Russian word for accordion is гармошка. The accordion is a very popular instrument in traditional Russian culture and is often played at large gatherings such as a wedding свадьба, birthdays день рождения, and many holidays праздники. My uncle… more »