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December 13th, 2010 — posted by Don
The Russian noun развод means divorce. It declines like this: SgPl Nomразводразводы Acc Genразводаразводов Preразводеразводах Datразводуразводам Insразводомразводами Many uses are very similar to the English use of the word: После пятого… more »

Совместная жизнь (замужем)

November 29th, 2010 — posted by Don
Today we will talk about the word замужем, which means ‘married.’ The word is used to refer to women being married. If you look it up in most dictionaries, you will see it is noted as an adverb. I hate that association. What it really is is an… more »

Совместная жизнь (женат)

November 24th, 2010 — posted by Don
Today we will talk about the word женат, which is a short form adjective that means ‘married.’ The word is used to refer to a man being married or to a couple being married; today we address the former situation. For instance, let's say you've just… more »


February 25th, 2010 — posted by Tatiana
Last weekend I was invited to my friend’s wedding. It was a great celebration with lots of dancing, delicious Russian food and… wait for it… drinking! Being there made me think of a great word to write about — «горько». No Russian wedding can go… more »


October 20th, 2009 — posted by Don
The Russian word for wedding is свадьба, which means both the marriage ceremony itself and the festivities that follow it. The word can also mean “wedding party,” in the sense of those who participate in the wedding. Since свадьба includes the later… more »