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August 21st, 2009 — posted by Don
English is interesting in terms of comparatives. Sometimes you can use a comparative with -er, but you can't use a comparative with “more.” Thus “cuter” is okay, but “more cute” is not. We call the -er form the simple comparative. Sometimes the… more »


August 19th, 2009 — posted by Don
Another word that means bigger is больше. In this meaning it is what we call a comparative adjective: Какая страна больше: Казахстан или Молдавия? Which country is bigger: Kazakhstan or Moldova? Казахстан больше, чем Молдавия. Kazakhstan is… more »


August 18th, 2009 — posted by Don
Now here's a subtle detail of the Russian language. It's one that will trip you up at first when you start reading Russian if you aren't paying attention. Although большой means big, there is another word больший that means bigger, greater, or larger.… more »


August 17th, 2009 — posted by Don
The most common word for big or large in Russian is большой. Notice that it is an end-stressed adjective: end-stressed adjectives always end in -ой in the masculine nominative singular. It declines like this: Masc Neut Fem Pl Nom большой… more »