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August 21st, 2013 — posted by Janell
The word искусство means art. It declines like this: SgPl Nomискусствоискусства Accискусство Genискусстваискусств Preискусствеискусствах Datискусствуискусствам Insискусствомискусствами Мне нравится искусство. I like art. В искусстве нет больше… more »


November 1st, 2010 — posted by Don
There is nothing Americans like to do more than make fun of the French. It's not just because their language sounds as if it is being spoken by geese with headcolds. It's not just because they make so much mediocre pastry. It's not just because they… more »


November 3rd, 2008 — posted by Don
The Russian word for Hawaii is Гавайи, and when you decline it, it has only plural endings, no singular: NomГавайи AccГавайи GenГавайев PreГавайях DatГавайям InsГавайями Those are the forms to use if you are discussing the Big Island itself. If… more »


September 2nd, 2008 — posted by Don
The common Russian word for Mexico is Мексика, while the official name is Мексиканские Соединённые Штаты ‘The Mexican United States.’ Russian Wikipedia defines Мексика as «государство в Северной Америке, граничащее на севере с США» “a state in North… more »