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October 7th, 2014 — posted by Natasha
The Russian word вишня means 'cherry'. It declines like so: SgPl Nomвишнявишни Accвишнювишни Genвишнивишен Preвишневишнях Datвишневишням Insвишнейвишнях Photo credit: Spurzem at de.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-2.0-d], from Wikimedia Commons Here are a… more »


December 7th, 2010 — posted by Bella
My favorite fruit is the strawberry- клубника. When I was a very young girl in Russia, we had a neighbor who used to grow them in her yard. So my love of the red berry developed early. I will admit to being picky and preferring things with real… more »


September 19th, 2008 — posted by Olga
The Russian word for raspberry is малина. Raspberries are commonly used in Russia to treat sick throats and fevers during the chilly months of winter when colds are very common. As a little girl, I caught colds often and my grandmother made me hot… more »


September 16th, 2008 — posted by Olga
The Russian word for strawberry is клубника. Another word for strawberry is земляника. Земляника grows in forests and is smaller in size than a store-bought strawberry but it still has the same taste and texture. As a child, I enjoyed picking… more »