by Olga  

The Russian word for shish kebab is шашлык. Shish kebabs are often made by American families but they are particularly special to me because they bring back the memories of camping in the mountains with my family when I was a child. In Russia, it was a tradition to make shish kebabs each time we went camping with family and friends and I always helped my dad when he made these wonderful treats. In my family, kebabs are usually made from sheep meat баранина and marinated with different spices and soy sauce to give the meat good flavor and texture.

One day, my family and a large group of friends took a trip to the forest лес. Once we came to our camp site, I helped my mom start the campfire костёр which was very comforting because the weather was very cold. My dad took out the raw shish kebabs and placed them into the campfire to cook. The amazing scent of the marinade overwhelmed me and I began salivating like a dog right in front of the fire! «Когда шашлыки будут готовы? Я очень голодная!» “When will the shish kabobs be ready? I am very hungry!”. While the cooking took place, I grabbed a blanket and sat down under a shady tree to play with my sister while the grown-ups enjoyed their cocktails. As the camp fire burned down, my mother threw in a few potatoes and once everything was ready, she called out to me and my sister «Девочки! Идите кушать. Шашлыки готовы.» “Girls! Come and eat. The shish kabobs are ready.” I jumped up like a spring and raced ahead of my sister yelling «Я первая!» “I’m first!”

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