Собака (часть первая)

by Olga  

The Russian word for dog is сoбака Dogs are very active animals who can be very demanding of their owner хозяин but also especially loyal, loving, and supportive.

My dad has a friend who is the owner of two dogs. These dogs are pure Bijon Frise breeds and have lived with the owner for many years. Every once in a while, the owner leaves town and asks me to take care of the dogs. I hated the idea of having to feed, bathe, and walk two dogs but I agreed because the owner paid me very good money. Most dogs are very active animals however, these two were incredibly lazy ленивые and rude which annoyed me because they spent most of the day sleeping on their huge, fluffy doggie beds instead of running around like dogs should.

On one bright morning, I decided to take the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. I called out to them, «Где ваши поводки? Мы сейчас пойдём гулять» “Where are your leashes? Were going on a walk now!” I grabbed their old leashes and watched them as they began wagging their tails and barking loudly while circling me. During the walk, I saw another person with a large dog and to my surprise, one of my dog’s leashes jerked right out of my hand and I saw him running away from me with great speed. I panicked and frantically ran after the dog while dragging the other one after me. «Бени! Иди сюда» “Beni! Come here!”. I saw my dog approaching the other person and I screamed out «Остановите эту собаку!» “Stop that dog!” Luckily, the other owner caught Beni and a great wave of relief came over me. I was very happy that this story ended happily and that I did not have to inform the owner that I lost one of his dogs!

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