Который час? Сколько времени? (шесть часов)

by Don  

If you want to answer the question «Который час?» or «Сколько времени?» when the time is right on the hour, the phrases are:

Сейчас час.It is now one o'clock.
Сейчас два часа.It is now two o'clock.
Сейчас три часа.It is now three o'clock.
Сейчас четыре часа.It is now four o'clock.
Сейчас пять часов.It is now five o'clock.
Сейчас шесть часов.It is now six o'clock.
Сейчас семь часов.It is now seven o'clock.
Сейчас восемь часов.It is now eight o'clock.
Сейчас девять часов.It is now nine o'clock.
Сейчас десять часов.It is now ten o'clock.
Сейчас одиннадцать часов.It is now eleven o'clock.
Сейчас двенадцать часов.It is now twelve noon.

You can use those phrases for times both a.m. and p.m. Civilian Russians are much more comfortable with military time (24-hour clock time) than civilian Americans, so it's also possible to hear these hours with the number zero and with numbers thirteen and above:

Сейчас ноль часов.It is now midnight.
(Lit. “It is now zero hours.”)
Сейчас тринадцать часов.It is now one p.m.
Сейчас четырнадцать часов.It is now two p.m.
Сейчас пятнадцать часов.It is now three p.m.
Сейчас шестнадцать часов.It is now four p.m.
Сейчас семнадцать часов.It is now five p.m.
Сейчас восемнадцать часов.It is now six p.m.
Сейчас девятнадцать часов.It is now seven p.m.
Сейчас двадцать часов.It is now eight p.m.
Сейчас двадцать один час.It is now nine p.m.
Сейчас двадцать два часа.It is now ten p.m.
Сейчас двадцать три часа.It is now eleven p.m.

Although it is perfectly fine (though rather officious) to say «Сейчас ноль часов», it is more common to say «Сейчас двенадцать ночи» “It is now twelve of the night” or «Сейчас полночь» “It is now midnight.”

Other entries dealing with time are soon to come. Look for them under the categories "Time phrases" and "What time is it" and "At what time."

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