by Olga  

The Russian word for grape is виноград. The area where my grandmother lived was very well know for making вино wine because of the sweet and ripe grapes that grow there. My great grandmother grew beautiful grapes in the backyard of her home and made her own homemade red wine. In her backyard, the grape trees grew thick and were full of beautiful red and green grapes. My great grandmother enjoyed making sweet red wine so she added sugar to the recipe. She said, «Мне нужно добавить сахар в рецепт чтобы сделать сладкое красное вино» “I need to add sugar to the recipe to make sweet red wine». Sometimes, my great grandmother asked me to help her pick grapes from the trees. She told me «Помоги мне собрать виноград в корзину» “Help me gather the grapes into the basket” and I gladly agreed. Besides making wine, she also made grape preserves варенье and different pies пироги made with grape filling.

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