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The Russian word Рыло means ‘snout’. It declines like so:


The word 'рыло' comes from the word 'рыть', which means 'to dig'. Since pigs always dig around in mud with their snout, it is called 'рыло'. However, the word is more often used when talking about ugly people's faces rather than pigs' snouts.

Here are a few sample sentences:

Его лицо было похоже на рыло. His face looked like a snout.
Свинья рыла землю рылом. The pig was digging the ground with its snout.
У свиньи на рыле была грязь. The pig had mud on its snout.
Кирка прокляла моряка, и его лицо превратилось в рыло свиньи. Circe cursed the sailor, and his face turned into a pig's snout.

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Comment from: Sarahjane [Visitor]  

I heard this word for the first time last week here in Moscow. The ex[ression was something like, “не суй своё рыло, куда тебя не просят!” Fortunately said by a friend in jest. :)

11/25/14 @ 04:55

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