Угол, часть вторая

by Evgeny  

The Russian word Угол means ‘corner’ or ‘angle’. It declines like so:

Preоб угле
в углу
на углу

The word угол can have a different meaning, depending on the context it is used in. For example, in geometry it can be used when talking about an angle of a triangle or some other geometrical figure. It can also be used when giving directions and talking about street or building corners. However, the word Угол was used in a very unique context by a forward of Tula's soccer team "Arsenal", who said that the he received the ball «на угол головы», which means: “on the corner of his head.” Apparently some people’s heads have corners...

Don comments: For a discussion of the multiple prepositional forms, see the previous entry on угол.

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Comment from: karen mulhern [Visitor]

thank you for these easy understand lessons in vocabulary and grammar. Very helpful!

11/20/14 @ 12:22

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