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The Russian word Звонок means ‘bell’, ‘ring’, ‘call’ or ‘buzzer’. It declines like so:

  Sg Pl
Nom звонок звонки
Acc звонок звонки
Gen звонка звонков
Pre звонке звонках
Dat звонку звонкам
Ins звонком звонками

The word звонок can have a different meaning, depending on the context it is used in. For example, a door bell and a phone call are both translated as звонок. Also, there is an event called “последний звонок” (“last bell/buzz”), which is a celebration for high school students that are graduating. It is similar to american graduation ceremony and takes place between the last day of classes and the beginning of final exams. During the celebration, a small bell is rung quite often. It symbolizes a buzzer that sounds at the beginning and at the end of classes, letting the students know that a class period just started or ended.

Последний звонок прозвенел. The last bell has rung.
Его разбудил звонок в дверь.

He was awakened by the doorbell.

Ему был разрешен один телефонный звонок. He was allowed one phone call.

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