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The Russian word белка means ‘squirrel’. It declines like so:


Here are some sample sentences.

Белка грызет семечки. Squirrel chews sunflower seeds.
Моя собака поймала белку.

My dog caught a squirrel.

Его любимое животное - это белка. His favorite animal is a squirrel.
Она часто говорит о белках. She often talks about squirrels.
Когда он вышел во двор, он был окружен белками. When he came out to the yard, he was surrounded by squirrels.

There are quite a few species of squirrels that live in Russia. There is even the Siberian flying squirrel, which is the only species of flying squirrel found in Europe. Ironically, Белка was also the name of one of the dogs that were launched into space on board of Sputnik 5 on August 19th, 1960. They were the first dogs in space. After circling the Earth in a space craft, they safely made it back down as national cosmonaut heroes of the former USSR. This year, a new cartoon was released about the two dogs, originally called “Belka and Strelka: Moon Adventures”. However, since not too many people outside of Russia are familiar with who they are, the title was changed to “Space Dogs”.


Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

Это интересное видео о Белки и Стрелки на Би-Би-Си:

10/18/14 @ 14:32
Comment from: Andrey [Visitor]  

Небольшое уточнение. Белка и Стрелка были не первые собаки в космосе. Первой собакой была Лайка. Но к сожалению она не вернулась на Землю. Поэтому, Белка и Стрелка это первые собаки, которые были в космосе и вернулись назад. Так будет правильней.

09/24/14 @ 11:08

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