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The Russian word морж means 'walrus'. It declines like so:

  Sg Pl
Nom морж моржи
Acc моржа моржей
Gen моржа моржей
Pre морже моржах
Dat моржу моржам
Ins моржом моржах


Here are a few sample sentences:

С такими усами он был похож на моржа. He looked like a walrus with that moustache.
Я видел большого моржа во время своей поездки в Арктику. I saw a big walrus on my trip to the Arctic.
В Центральном парке стоял морж в цилиндре и с моноклем. A walrus wearing a top hat and monocle was in Central Park.
Я — морж. I am the walrus.

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Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

Hm, my dictionary says that моржи can also refer to people who take cold-water plunges in winter. In North America we call these polar bear swimmers. In Canada polar bear plunges are very popular, especially on New Year’s Day.

10/14/14 @ 12:42

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