by Natasha  

The Russian word фасоль means 'bean,' as in the beans that are eaten by people. It declines as such:

  Sg Pl
Nom фасoль фасоли
Acc фасоль фасоли
Gen фасoли фасолей
Pre фасоли фасолях
Dat фасоли фасолям
Ins фасолью фасолями

Interestingly enough, the word фасоль is really only used in reference to beans that Russians eat. Боб is another word for beans, but it usually refers to beans that Americans eat, which it can also mean farm animal feed. It's theorized that the use of боб instead of фасоль was the result of a translation snafu way back when. Most Russians prefer фасоль in general though for the smaller beans that you eat, such as, kidney, pinto, and black. When Фасоль is used in the plural it refers to different types of beans, not individual bean seeds. The word is used only in the singular to refer to beans that are used as food.

Here are a few sample sentences:

Я ненавижу фасоль, она противная! I hate beans, they're gross!
Фасоль полезная, она содержит много белка. Beans are good for you. They contain a lot of protein.
Когда он ест фасоль, он часто пукает. When he eats beans, he farts a lot.
Она съелa три тарелки фасоли! She ate three platefuls of beans!

Don comments: Thanks for the entry about beans, Natasha. I nearly decided to edit out your line about фасоль being used for the beans Russians eat and бобы more commonly for the beans that Americans and animals eat, but then I realized that I've heard the word фасоль used a lot in Russia, but I don't think I've ever discussed бобы there. So I've decided to leave the entry as it is, and hopefully some of our readers will chip in their two cents. I suppose I should note that technically there is a difference between фасоль and бобы. If you are in an anal-retentive mood, you can see a discussion of it here (mirror).

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