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We all have those moments of doubt in our skills ability and positive outcome of a situation when it seems like we cannot handle it the struggles. We then have two options: to give up or to tough it out and finish the race whether we come in first or not which is also known as persevering. The noun perseverance or persistance translates into Russian as упорство. This word is declined this way:


У него совсем не было способности к языку, но он занимался с таким упорством, что наконец-то освоил язык. He had no talent for languages, but he studied with such persistence that he finally mastered the language.
Он всегда был неудачником, у него никогда не хватало упорства. He was always a loser. He simply didn't have enough persistence.
Я переняла упорство у родителей. I learned persistence from my parents .

Persistence will get you through all the struggles of life. These struggles can be academic, sports related, relationship related, mental, emotional and physical, but we all have it in us to make it through whatever we are struggling with, whether that strength is solely on our own or with the support of our friends. I had a friend who was going through some tough issues at home with her family and at school with school work and friendships, and at one point she thought about killing herself. She stuck it out and while she is still struggling with a few things, she is at peace inwardly and is making the most of her life. Persistence paid off, I am glad she stuck around.

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Comment from: Richard [Visitor]


Вот видео, которым Вы и ваша подруга могли бы наслаждаться.


Жизнь может быть хорошей или плохой, обычно оба, и упорство важно! Я тоже очень рад, что ваша подруга выбрала упорство!

I learned a new word today in your post, so thank you! I think I resemble the guy in your first sample sentence. I have no real talent for languages but I just keep plugging away at Russian and one day I’ll be fluent!


11/21/14 @ 15:19

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