by Janell  

The human body is made up of many parts: bones, tissues, muscles, organs etc. Part of the organ family is the skin and it is the largest organ of the body. In Russian the word for skin is кожа.The word declines as such:


Here are a few sample sentences.

У неё гладкая кожа. She has smooth skin.
Он обжёг кожу на ноге. He burned the skin on his foot.
Вы заботитесь о своей коже? Do you take care of your skin?
Я узнала об уходе за кожей в интернете. I learned about skin care from the internet .

The skin protects us from diseases and germs that could get into our bloodstream. It has pores to help us to release heat in the summer and hair and layers to keep warm in the winter. There different tones of skins as well as different grades of how oily the skin is. Like any other part of the body it needs to be taken care of so it can look its best and do its job.

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