by Janell  

In a perfect family we would always say nice and positive things to each other, but sadly we do not live in a perfect world, and sometimes we have to deal with insults. The Russian word for insult is оскорбление. This word declines this way:


Это был не комплимент, это было оскорбление. That wasn't a compliment. It was an insult.
Это оскобление очень задело его. The insult really got to him.
Ей надоело терпеть постоянные оскорбления. She got sick of the constant insults.
Я прекрасно умею справляться с такими оскорблениями. Просто не реагирую. I know exactly how to deal with insults like that. I just don't react.

Nowadays we have a new way to insult each other: it is called cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is bullying over the internet or using text messages or other forms of technology. Cyber-bullying is just as effective as physical or in-person bullying because the person is constantly messaged degrading and hurtful things, such as mean texts debasing imagery etc., and they can still feel isolated and hurt. I had one friend that was doing cyber-bullying to someone she did not like at her high school and almost got expelled. People are using the internet as a buffer to anonymously bully other people and/or say demeaning or disgusting things, but our culture has adapted to the point where we think it is ok and funny so we have websites like 4chan and other blog sites. Cyber-bullying is becoming a major problem in the 21st century and we need to teach our children and younger generations as well as ourselves that just because you can be anonymous does not mean you should say something hurtful, if you would not say it in real life to someone you should not say it over the internet.

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