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Суеревие is the Russian word for superstition. This word declines as such:


У него нет суеверий. He does not have superstitions.
Мне не нравятся суеверия. I don’t like superstitions.
Как ты справляешься с абсурдными суевериями своей мамы? How do you deal with your mother's ridiculous superstitions?
Я слушала лекцию о русских суевериях. I attended a lecture on Russian superstitions.

A superstition is the belief in the supernatural beings or events. Most all countries have them and they are rooted into their cultures. Some of the American ones are don’t break a mirror unless you want seven years of bad luck. If a black cats crosses your path you are also going to have bad luck. We have some rhymes to help people remember them as well, such as step on a crack will break your mother’s back. Some of Russia’s superstitions are: On exam day you shouldn’t wear anything new, make your bed or cut your fingernails, a funeral procession is good luck unless you cross its path. Both the US and Russia believe that breaking a mirror is bad luck. For Russians looking into a broken mirror is also is bad luck. Nowadays superstitions are not as highly regarded but certain ones are still believed by older generations. Growing up as Christian I was taught that superstitions are fun to think about but not something to live by because the supernatural of that sort is not real or worth worry about it.

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Comment from: Sergey [Visitor]  

“Мне ни нравятся суеверия” is incorrect.
In this sentence “не” should be used instead of “ни".
Please note that though it would be absolutely gramatically correct to say “Мне не нравятся суеверия", this phrase ia a little awkward. A more natural-sounding variant is “Я не люблю суеверия".

Don responds: Typo corrected!

Although I agree with you that the sentence is awkward, I’m still proud of Janell for producing it, even with a typo. Homonyms sometimes trip us up. We English speakers often confuse there, their and they’re, even though we know perfectly well which one to write.

Hm… I think Janell is currently abroad… I’ll have to see if she is in Russia.

01/02/14 @ 08:28

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