Международный женский день

by Janell  

International Women’s day -Международный женский день is a holiday celebrated in Russia on March 8th every year. It began in America on February 28 in 1909 and the soviet union quickly followed suit. Russia first celebrated it in 1913 on the last week of February according to the Julian calendar that they used at the time which corresponds to March 8th on the Gregorian calendar. It is an official public holiday that is celebrated by both men and women in honor of the women in the world. Gifts such as flowers candy and cosmetics are some of the most popular gifts given to mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, wives etc. Of the flowers yellow mimosas and roses are the most popular according to this site. One of the popular phrases heard to wish someone a happy women’s day in Russia is С восьмы́м ма́рта! [s vas-MYM MAR-ta] (I congratulate you) With March 8th! There are also some poems that are dedicated to this day. That can also be found on the site previously mentioned. The holiday brings pleasant upbeat feelings and another way to connect with the family. Other useful links are here and here

Завтра будет Международный женский день. Tomorrow will be International Women's Day.
Что вы делали на Международный женский день? What did you do for International Women's day?
У нас нет Международного женского дня. We do not have International Women's day.
В Америке не празднуют Международный женский день. In America they don't celebrate International Women's Day.

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