by Janell  

Humans are both logical and emotional creatures. This is how this word declines:


У неё нет чувств. She has no emotions.
Не скрывайте ваши чувства. Do not hide your emotions.
Она покраснела. Она не привыкла к таким чувствам. She blushed. She wasn't used to such emotions.
У него было всего лишь одно чувство. He only felt one emotion.

For some these attributes are exclusive of each other but others argue they intertwine. Logic is rationalizing something without a bias based on facts and evidence. Emotions or Чувство in Russian is how we feel about something which can be affected by our environment, events in our lives, or simply our personality. For some feelings are strongly felt and expressed, while others do not relate them as well, or relate to some better than others. Most people like to moderate their emotions because if someone becomes too emotional about something they find it hard to function which explains why some believe that logic and emotions are exclusive of each other; that one cannot be rationally thinking if they are emotionally unstable. On the other hand there are many examples of why emotions such as passion have driven people to do great things, such as the mothers who have lost their children to drunk go out and speak to schools about drunk driving to try to reduce its frequency. Emotions are powerful and can be positive if utilized and controlled correctly.


Comment from: Simo Vihinen [Visitor]

whoops… that’s эмоция

10/17/13 @ 05:25
Comment from: Simo Vihinen [Visitor]

The word емоция is used also.

10/17/13 @ 05:23
Comment from: Liz Wild [Visitor]

Two negative comments (which you don’t have to publish!). I find this bloggers entries disapointing because they do not deal with the language but in general are simply observations that almost anyone could make.

Second, I think credit should be given for artwork such as appears in this post. I don’t object to using someone else’s Creation as long as it is properly acknowledged.

That said, always enjoy reading your entries. A great resource for a stifling student like myself!

Don responds: Hi, Liz. Negative comments are also welcome.

Occasionally I have guest bloggers, some of whom are just learning how to write about language. Sometimes the fledgling efforts are more successful than others. I’m just proud when a foreigner has the courage to make any comment about the Russian at all. Over the Spring 2014 semester I expect we will have more entries in the old vein. Those ones might be more to your taste.

Peace, joy and light to you, Don.

10/07/13 @ 10:33

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