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Here's a picture of my stove here in Казань.

It's a gаs stove. A gas stove is a good stove. An electric stove is a bad stove. You can NOT properly warm a tortilla on an electric stove. Oh sure, you can sort of warm it up, but it just isn't the same. I'm an Arizona boy, and I can tell you this for sure. Of course, I'm in Russia and there aren't any tortillas here. But a gas stove is still a good stove. But before today I didn't know the word for a stove's burner, which is конфорка. It's fairly regular and has the fill vowel you would expect in a word ending in -ка.


Very often people pronounce the word комфорка, though it's considered a mistake. Myself, I don't consider it a mistake since the word was borrowed from Dutch komfoor. Still, you mustn't spell it that way.

Я включил переднюю левую конфорку и поставил на неё кастрюлю. I turned on the front left burner and set a pot there.
На задней левой конфорке стояла сковородка с котлетами. A frying pan with meat patties was on the back left burner.
Включи конфорку и поставь чайник. Turn on the burner and put the tea kettle on.
Когда я зажёг конфорку, из неё пошло такое пламя, что у меня обгорели брови. When I turned on the stove, a flame shot out of the burner and I burned my eyebrows.
Выключи конфорку. Turn the burner off.
Turn off the burner.


Comment from: Наталья [Visitor]

Включи, not Вклочи

Thank you for the site, Don. It’s fun. I’m enjoying :)

Don responds: Thanks, Natalya! I’m always grateful when people point out errors.

I actually think there is a difference here between Russian and American cultures. Americans get pissed off, generally, when you point out errors. Russians take it plainly. I like the Russian way better.

09/18/12 @ 03:52
Comment from: Oleg [Visitor]

Pilot light - малая горелка.

By the way, i wanted to recommend a great free online russian-english dictionary


I use it for several years already ind find it to be the most informative resource online.

08/21/12 @ 09:13
Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

The word you gave me for pilot light, “запальник", wasn’t in my dictionary, so thank you for that. I did find “запал” which can be defined as “fuse” or “primer” which makes sense.

I also consulted a larger dictionary I have which is Russian-English only and found a colloquial phrase “под запал” which translates as “in the heat of the moment".

07/20/12 @ 08:58
Comment from: Arseny [Visitor]

Of course singular accusative of конфорка is коннфорку. Edit pls.

Don responds: Fixed!

07/18/12 @ 10:45
Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

You’re really going about this the wrong way, Don. Eyebrows should be sauteed in bacon fat with garlic and onions and served with parsley. Sheesh! LOL

Как сказать по-русски “pilot light"?

Don responds: My dictionary says запальник, but I don’t think I’ve seen one here. I’ve seen stoves with electrical ignition devices. My own stove has to be light with a match.

07/17/12 @ 20:05

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