by Olga  

The Russian word for circus is цирк. In particular, I remember attending a circus in Moscow which consisted of Russian musicians, clowns, animal performers, and dancers. I especially enjoyed watching the different animals that were trained to do certain tricks. The Russian circus is based on centuries-old Russian traditions and fables which makes it very popular among the Russian population.

I went to the Russian circus only two times but I loved every minute of it. Before the show, my parents asked me, «Ты хочешь сахарной ваты?» “Do you want cotton candy?” and with great excitement I said yes! да! I always bought strawberry flavored cotton candy which was my favorite. During the show, many amazing acts were performed by both the acrobats and animals. All through the show, my parents pointed out exciting moments such as «Смотри Оля! Медведь сам катается на велосипеде» “Look Olya! The bear is riding the bicycle all by himself”. I wondered how it was possible to train a bear to ride a bicycle all alone. With an excited look on her face, my mom pointed out again «Как удивительно прыгают акробаты!» “How wonderfully the acrobats are jumping!”. It was an amazing experience for me and I plan on attending the Russian circus again in the future.

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