Зубной врач

by Olga  

The Russian phrase for dentist is зубной врач. As a child, I loved to eat candy конфеты and failed to properly brush my teeth afterwards. As a result I found myself visiting the dentist more often then I should have. Every time I had a toothache, I said «Мама, у меня болит зуб!» “Mama, my tooth hurts!” and my mom answered by saying «Тогда нам надо к зубному врачу» “Then we need to go to the dentist”. I hated going to the dentist because I was terribly afraid of having to sit in a chair for such a long time while the dentist poked my gums with needles and drilled holes in my teeth.

One time, my mother took me to the dentist and I screamed and cried so loud that everyone in the office stared, and I found myself at the center of attention. When my mom finally put me into the chair, I stopped crying and a great wave of fear came over me. The dentist came to me and said «Сейчас я сделаю укол и боль пройдёт» “Now I will give you a shot and the pain will pass”. I felt like giving the dentist a shot myself to see how she would feel in my situation. With tears in my eyes I said «Я боюсь уколов!» “I'm scared of shots!” but she did not seem to care much about my concern. When the dentist finally finished fixing my cavity, she said «Вот и всё! Ты свободна, иди» “That’s it! You are free, go.” Relieved, I ran out the door with my mom and went home where I began my candy eating cycle all over again within a few days.

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