Глаз (часть четвёртая)

by Don  

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, but sometimes something robs them of that ethereal connection. For instance, we can get something in our eye. In Russian this often includes the word соринка, which means ‘a little bit of junk’:

У меня соринка в глазу. Не поможешь достать? I've got something in my eye. Can you help me get it out?

After someone has had too much to drink, the eyes may become bloodshot:

— Почему твои глаза покраснели? “Why are your eyes bloodshot?”
— Ну, как тебе сказать? У меня аллергия. “Well, how can I say this? I have an allergy.”
— Понял. У тебя аллергия на трезвость. “I understand perfectly. You're allergic to sobriety.”

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