Глаз (часть третья)

by Don  

Yesterday we mentioned that the word глаз declines like this:

Genглаза, глазуглаз
Preглазе, глазуглазах

Note the alternative forms of the genitive case. The forms in -у are ‘second genitive’ forms which appear nowadays in certain stock phrases like «с глазу на глаз» ‘privately, confidentially’:

Мы должны поговорить, но не по сотовому. Давай поговорим с глазу на глаз. We need to have a talk, but not on the cell phone. Let's speak privately.

‘To believe one's eyes’ is a stock phrase expressed with the dative plural:

Она ведь была таким уродливым ребёнком, но вот она вернулась в деревню такой красавицей! Я не мог поверить своим глазам. Y'know, she had been such an ugly child, but here she returned to our village such a beauty! I couldn't believe my eyes.

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