Часто (часть вторая)

by Don  

If you want to ask how often something happens in Russian, you can use the phrase «как часто»:

Как часто вы ходите в ресторан? How often do you go to restaurants?
Как часто ты звонишь бабушке? How often do you call your grandmother?

Now here's one of those subtle differences that occur between languages. Although the «как часто» phrase is perfectly grammatical in both Russian and English, the frequency of the use of the phrase is not the same. The English phrase is much more common in usage. In Russian it is more common to ask the question slightly differently, phrasing it simply "Do you often?":

Вы часто ходите в ресторан? Do you go to restaurants very often?
Ты часто звонишь бабушке? Do you call your grandmother very often?

When you ask the question, it is usually used with intonation construction three, jumping up on the stressed syllable of часто:

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Comment from: Тэйлор [Visitor]

Ooh, more on intonation, if you please! I often barrel right through Russian phrases with no thought for it whatsoever… and shouldn’t. The way you display it is quite easy to follow, too.

Don responds: more to come shortly!

02/07/12 @ 18:44

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