Год (часть пятая)

by Don  

We previously mentioned that if a Russian number phrase is the subject of a verb, except when the number ends in one, it induces neuter singular verb agreement in the past:

Прошло два года. Two years went by.
Прошло пять лет. Five years went by.
Прошло десять лет. Ten years went by.

There is another exception. If the number is preceded by an adjective in the nominative plural, then the verb shows plural agreement in the past:

Эти два года были очень насыщенными. (adapted from this source) Those two years were very rich.
Все эти пять лет были удачными в финансовом отношении. All five years were profitable.
Те десять лет прошли прекрасно. (adapted from source) Those ten years went by marvelously.

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