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Every once in a while you just want to know an obscure word in a foreign language just to show off to your friends, so today's word is вымя, which means udder. It is one of only ten nouns in modern Russian that end in -мя but are neuter. It declines like this:


The udder is the part of the a cow (or goat or sheep) that houses the mammary glands and teats with which they feed their young:

— Сколько сосков на вымени у коровы?
— Четыре.
“How many teats are on a cow's udder?”
Позови ветеринара. У козы заразилось вымя. Call the vet. The goat's udder is infected.
Вымя имеет хорошие вкусовые качества, хотя и не обладает высокой пищевой ценностью. (adapted from this source) The udder has good flavor qualities, although it doesn't have high nutritive value.
Есть ли вымя у быков? (source) Do bulls have an udder?


Comment from: MMM [Visitor]  

Заражается коза, а не её вымя.

02/07/14 @ 04:46
Comment from: Vitaly Repin [Visitor]

I have never heard the plural form for the word “вымя". I’m not sure it can be used in plural form.

Don responds: I must agree that the plural is quite uncommon. The standard references all include plural forms, so I have included them here for completeness.

12/22/11 @ 05:58
Comment from: stranger [Visitor]

“заразилось вымя” - для меня странно звучит. “Вымя заражено” будет лучше.

11/28/11 @ 01:33
Comment from: Richard [Visitor]

My life is complete! :^D

11/24/11 @ 17:55

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