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One of the great things about Russian is the way prefixes and roots combine to make new words. For instance, the prefix в- means ‘into,’ and the root ход- means ‘go.’ Put them together and you get the word вход which means ‘entrance’:


If you want to specify the place to which the entrance gives you access, it is placed after the preposition в in the accusative case:

Где вход в аптеку? Where is the entrance to the pharmacy?
Я встречу тебя около главного входа в музей. I will meet you near the main entrance to the museum.
Перед входом стояли два полицейских, которые проверяли документы всех входящих. In front of the entrance there were two policemen checking the ID of everyone coming in.

The word can also be used to mean ‘price of admission’:

В первую среду каждого месяца вход в музей бесплатный. Admission to the museum is free on the first Wednesday of every month.
— Сколько стоит вход?
— Тридцать рублей.
“How much does it cost to get in?”
“Thirty rubles.”

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