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The generic Russian word for doctor is врач. It is an end-stressed, first declension noun:


Russia has some great doctors. Although they often do not have access to the latest Western equipment, they have profound clinical experience, and I have never regretted sending my students to Russian doctors when they are ailing. Twice this last summer I had to take students to the doctor or hospital, and, to the best my eye can tell, they did exactly the things necessary for the students' conditions. Here are a few sample sentences:

—Сколько врачей здесь работает?
— Здесь работает четыре врача.
“How many doctors work here?”
“Four doctors work here.”
Мы с Мариной только что обсудили нового врача. Он такой красивый! Marina and I were just talking about the new doctor. He is so handsome.
Медсестра подошла к врачу и передала ему документы. The nurse walked up to the doctor and handed him the documents.
— Я хочу быть врачом.
— Ты вообще не умеешь учиться. Лучше становись терапевтом-массажистом.
“I want to be a doctor.”
“You don't have any idea how to study. It would be better for you to become a massage therapist.”

Actually, that last line is potentially misleading. The word терапевт, when used by itself, is often the equivalent of ‘general practitioner,’ so just because someone is called a терапевт does not mean he are not a physician.

One last comment... although the example sentences assumed a male doctor, most doctors in Russia are actually women.

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