Как вас зовут?

by Olga  

One of the most important things when meeting new Russian people is to be able to properly introduce yourself. A few years ago I was invited to a picnic that a few of my Russian friends organized. When I arrived, I noticed that there were other Russian people there with whom I was not acquainted. Upon arrival, I introduced myself to the new crowd by saying «Меня зовут Оля» “My name is Olga.” I followed by asking «Как вас зовут?» “What is your name?” It is important to note that this is a formal acquaintance because I was meeting new people. If I wanted to introduce myself to a child, I could speak less formally and say «Как тебя зовут?» My friend approached me and asked «Ты знакома с Сашей?» “Are you acquainted with Sasha?” I said that I was not and told Sasha «Очень приятно познокомиться» “Very pleased to meet you.” Sasha was a beautiful woman, and I was suprised to find out that she was not in a romantic relationship at that time.

Among the group, there was also one married couple who introduced themselves by saying «Разрешите познакомить вас с моим мужем» “Let me introduce you to my husband” and the husband stated «Разрешите познакомить вас с моей женой» “Let me introduce you to my wife”. For the rest of the day, we enjoyed eating, talking, and enjoying the beautiful weather. We all sat on a blanket under a tree, eating apple pie and enjoying the shade that the beautiful tree provided us with, and the scent of the sweet apple pie as the breeze came through has stayed in my memory ever since.

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