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The word где means where in the sense of “where at?” or “in what location?” When used as a question word it rarely causes English speakers difficulties:

— Где мои ключи?
— На столе.
“Where are my keys?”
“On the table.”
— Где работает твоя мама?
— На атомной электростанции.
“Where does your Mom work?”
“At the nuclear power plant.”
— Где вы учитесь?
— В Московском государственном университете.
“Where do you go to school?”
“At Moscow State University.”
— Где живут пингвины?
— На Южном полюсе.
“Where do penguins live?”
“At the South Pole.”

Где can also be used as a relative pronoun, assuming again that you are talking about a place something happens at:

Летом я учился в университете, где учился Толстой. In the summer I studied at the university where Tolstoy studied.
Летом мы поедем в курорт, где вы отдыхали в прошлом году. In the summer we will go to the resort where you vacationed last summer.

The trickey thing about где is that it cannot be used when translating phrases that indicating motion to or from a place. That is, you cannot use it in translating sentences like:

Where are you going?
Where did you go last night?
Where are you coming from?
Where is that sound coming from?

For those meanings you need куда “where to?” and откуда “where from?”, which we will explore over the weeks to come.

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