by Olga  

The Russian word for bridge is мост. In Russia, my grandmother owned a chalet дача which was surrounded by a beautiful garden. This chalet was a few miles away from our home and we often traveled by bike велосипед to the chalet. On our way to the chalet, we had to cross a long and old bridge which hung over a great river. This river emptied into the Black Sea and each time we crossed it, I threw a stick into it as part of my routine. Each time we crossed the bridge I felt very anxious and scared because despite my grandmother’s reassurance of its safety, the bridge looked unsafe to me and my sister. With each step we took forward, I heard the noise of the old wooden boards under my feet. My grandmother said to me and my sister, «Не бойтесь! Этот мост безопасный» “Don’t be scared! This bridge is safe”. I trusted my grandmother but I still felt anxious every time I crossed the bridge. I must say that crossing the scary bridge was worth it because my grandmother’s chalet was very beautiful and peaceful. I often said to my grandmother «Я люблю дачу!» “I love the chalet”.

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