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Soon it will be Christmas, so of course in the US turkey is of everyone's mind almost as much as it is at Thanksgiving. In Russian, turkey is индейка. Going strictly by the sound of the word, I believe there is a connection in the name of our rwotd to the bird's origins in the New World and American Indians. My first tasting of turkey didn't happen until after I immigrated to the States. It's just not that popular a meat in Russia. But my mom, being a talented cook, sure did learn how to roast a mean stuffed turkey.

Моя мама приготовила вкусную индейку.
My mom made a delicious turkey.

Катин младший брат боится индеек.
Katya's little brother is scared of turkeys.

Весь ноябрь Американцы говорят об индейке.
All November long Americans talk about turkey.

Индейка, фаршированная рисом, моё любимое блюдо.
Rice-stuffed turkey is my favorite dish.


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Comment from: Arseny [Visitor]

We call it индюшка (пырка), feminine from индюк (пырин). Индейка (feminine from what?) is “book word". It is never used in oral speech.

12/18/10 @ 09:21

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