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I remember back in the old days, the 90s, everyone I knew had at least one карта in the glove-box. This means map in Russian. And I don't know anyone who carries a paper version these days.


Мне нужна карта Сан-Диего.
I need a map of San Diego.

Катя, возьми карту метро, чтобы не заблудиться.
Katya, take a subway map so you don't get lost.

The second translation of карта is card. What kind of card? Well, that depends on the adjective preceding it.

Звуковая карта- Sound card
Кредитная карта- Credit card
Дебетовая карта- Debit card

Банк одобрил мою кредитную карту.
The bank approved my credit card.

Давайте играть в карты.
Let's play cards.

This last sentence demonstrates a way to use the plural, Карты. This could mean, many maps, but with the verb играть “to play” it commonly refers to playing cards.

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Comment from: Alexiel [Visitor]  

“And I don’t know anyone who carries a paper version these days.”

I am =))))
And many my friends carry map with themselfs too. Of course, tney(and me) don’t have it when we are in a city but when you go to a countryside or walk far far away from the city - we always take it. In the city we can use a navigator but in the countryside or city outskirt it isn’t working, so we have no choise. ;)

12/10/10 @ 00:56

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